01 – What is Mastering ?

Mastering is the final process of audio production, and the first process of distribution.  It takes your final mixes and injects power into them.  It makes your songs as big, crisp, rich, full, and as loud as possible while adding and maintaining the final step in quality.

02 – Why do I need mastering ?

You need mastering because every professional song you have heard in modern times, has been mastered.  In order to compete with the best quality your music has to be mastered.  Even old catalogs are re-mastered and released again.

03 – Can you re-master my old releases?

Absolutely !  And we can master them BETTER !

04 – Do you offer Mixing as well ?

Absolutely !  We use ProTools, but you don’t have to !  We can guide you through the process of getting your files to us, so that we can mix your recordings and send the finals to you asap.  Inquire about our mixing rates at


01 – Do you Mastering digitally or analog ?

Analog gear is expensive and cumbersome.   We keep our costs down, and allow ourselves to work both static and remotely by offering digital mastering services using top of the line, industry standard software.   This is how we are able to offer high quality at such a discounted rate.

02 – How many revisions are included?

We understand that minor tweaks to your final masters are needed.  For that reason We offer up to 3 revisions.

03 – What is your turnaround time?

We try to have your project completed within 3 business days or less.  We can expedite your projects completion for an additional cost.

04 – Is mixing Included?

No.  Unfortunately Mixing is Not Included, but we do offer professional mixing services.  Send our engineer an email regarding mixing services if you are interested:

05 – What do you need from me ?

We require a final mix-down of each of your songs you would like mastered.  Each song file should be a stereo WAV or AIF file.  The setting should be a minimum of 44.1kHz / 16 bit.

06 – Do you accept MP3s ?

If MP3 or another format is all you have then we can master it, but please be aware that every format is significantly less quality than a WAV or AIF file.  Formats like MP3 are squashed down and contain imperfections and unflattering artifacts that are brought out louder in the mastering stage.

07 – Do you master in stems?

Absolutely!  At no additional cost we will master your songs from the stems you provided.

08 – What are stems ?

Stems are instrument and vocal tracks grouped into sections and exported to stereo WAV or AIF files.  (For example Drums, guitars, vocals, bass, synths, etc).  This allows our mastering engineers to control the final master and ensure a superior quality.

09 – How Much headroom do you need ?

At least -3 to -6dB.  Please be aware that pulling down the master volume does not give you true headroom.  It just lowers the over all volume.  Headroom is also the dynamic relativity between all of the tracks in your mix.  If you need to create headroom on your final mixes because they are too loud, then group all faders in your mix and lower them simultaneously, rather than JUST the master fader.

10 – What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept debit, credit card, and PayPal.  Typically, we send our clients an invoice for the amount due, and you can choose to pay it with a major credit card, debit, or paypal.  You do not need a paypal account to pay, but that is how we send our invoices and collect our payments.